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Stump grinding

Mulberry tree services has  stump grinding machines that will grind away any stump very precisely with the minimum of ground disturbance and access virtually any location. If you have had a tree surgeon to remove a tree and you are looking to replant, build or turf in the area we can offer a stump removal service. This allows the tree stump to be ground away to a maximum of 300mm below ground level. Stump grinding can make a huge difference to an area rather than leaving unsightly and useless stumps in place.All that will remain is some woodchip and soil that is usually spread around the garden as a mulch. Tree stumps left can harbour unwanted tree diseases like honey fungus that can spread to neighbouring trees.


we can often quote over the phone, we will need to know:-

• Quantity of stumps
• Width of stump at ground level [widest part]
• Height of stump
• Access are there any steps or gates narrower than 26 inches.