Tree Maintenance

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Mulberry Tree Services cover all aspects of tree maintenance which are detailed below:

Shaping and reshapingIf a tree crown is out of shape we can normally reshape it accordingly using our latest tree surgery pruning techniques.

• Pollarding: 
This is when most of the tree canopy is cut back to heavy wood and re-grows. This is most suitable for willows, limes and poplars as they regenerate so quickly. Just ask our tree surgeon when quoting for advice on this procedure.

Crown cleaning:The removal of any rubbing, crossing, damaged or dead branches. Will give a much cleaner appearance and reduce falling debris. This is usually combined with the tree surgery service of thinning.

Crown lifting:Removal of lower limbs up to a designated height. Our consulting tree surgeon when quoting can guide you in accordance with planning regulations and statutory legal heights above roads and pavements.

• Fruit tree pruning: Mulberry tree services specialise in renovating and pruning of fruit trees. We have found it takes many years of tree surgery experience to carry out fruit tree pruning to a high standard. Trees can be pruned specifically for fruit production or in the case of old poorer fruit bearing trees more for shape than fruit production


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