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Tree pruning preserves and improves the health and structure of your tree. It is a preventative method of tree care which reduces the potential of costly problems in the future. Removing dead or decaying branches in a timely manner prevents them from infiltrating and infecting other areas of the tree. Regular tree pruning also improves visual appeal of your landscape and keeps your trees in a great condition. Tree pruning may also be necessary if low lying branches pose a safety hazard on your property, or if loose branches cause concern for storm damage.

Benefits of tree pruning

Improves visual appeal of your garden
▪Removal of dead or decaying wood reduces risk of future, more costly, problems
▪Ensures trees are structurally sound
▪Encourages growth
▪Eliminates safety hazards
▪Improves light
▪Prevents loose branches from filling gutters and obstructing paths
▪Reduces strain on the structure of the tree
▪Increases property value.

Methods of tree pruning

Crown lifting: this is the removal of lower branches of the tree. This is done to provide clearance over paths or roads, or to increase light through certain areas of the tree.
Crown thinning: this is the selective removal of smaller branches to produce a more visually appealing tree. Crown thinning increases light penetration and air circulation to the crown.
Crown reduction: this is the reduction in overall size of the tree while maintaining its structural integrity. Crown reduction is appropriate for trees that have outgrown their space. It is also carried out to reduce the loss of light.
Formative/remedial pruning: this is the removal of branches to correct structural defects and to restore foundations for future growth.
Deadwood pruning: this is the removal of dead, dying or diseased branches to prevent infection in other areas of the tree. It improves the overall appearance and lifespan of the tree.

How we can help

Trees require a high level of care to maintain their health, safety and visual appeal. Tree pruning needs to be undertaken with a high level of understanding of tree growth, and how each type of tree will respond to each cut made. When it is not carried out by a knowledgeable, experienced professional, it is at risk of reducing the lifespan of the tree and can cause irreparable damage to its structure. Mulberry Tree Services consists of an experienced team of professional tree surgeons who take care in ensuring your landscape is managed and maintained to the highest standard. Our team have a passion for trees, and can guarantee that the most appropriate method of tree pruning is carried out to ensure the tree’s health and structural stability well into the future.


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