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Mulberry Tree Services specialise in all aspects of Tree Removal of various shapes and sizes without causing any damage. Depending on the situation at hand we will either fell the tree (Tree Felling) or use a rope system to dismantle and safely lower the tree (Sectional dismantling).

The entire removal of a tree can be necessary if that tree as become diseased, dying or dead. In addition a tree removal maybe the only option if that tree is causing subsidence to a building or if the ground is no longer suitable for the tree. No matter the location of the tree you can trust us here at Mulberry Tree Services to complete the job with the safety of themselves and all those around them at consideration at all times, while ensuring minimal disturbance to your home or business land.    

 Tree Removal Step by Step:


1. Safety First!
The safety of all members of the public and our tree surgeons  is paramount and we take all the precautions necessary to get the job done. We will also be conscious of any buildings, we wouldn't want you to end up with a tree in your living room!

2. Tree felling
The complete removal of the whole tree from ground level using a chainsaw and felling cuts. If space allows the whole tree will be dropped at once. 

3. Sectional Felling
Sectional dismantling is the complete removal of the whole tree carried out from within the crown of the tree.  A rope system is used to remove the tree piece by piece. This technique is generally used when room is too tight for felling.

4. Stump Grinding/Stump Removal
Stump grinding is a service we offer in itself but it is also part of the process if you want a tree completely removed.  We use the latest stump grinding machines which grind the stumps well below ground level so you can re-use garden areas for planting - even in the exact spot where the stump was.

5. Waste removal/Tree removal
If you do not want to keep the wood for your own use as firewood we can also organise the complete removal of any of the trees fell/dismantled. We do understand the whole process can get a bit messy and we will do our best to leave everything exactly as it was when we found it.


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