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Hedge Cutting

Hedge cutting, reshaping and reductions in Winchester and Hampshire

Hedges cut in a maze, by Mulberry Tree Services in Winchester

Hedge cutting services in Hampshire

Mulberry Tree Services are skilled team which can cut hedges of any size and shape. We can cut, reshape or heavily reduce the hedge depending on your needs.

Our precision trimming techniques give the straightest lines and most beautiful curves to really make your hedge stand out.

Why cut a hedge?

Hedge cutting stimulates growth for newly planted hedges. This formative pruning is required for the first three years of the hedge's life. By removing dead branches, the surviving flowers or buds can flourish.

Established hedges require maintenance trimming, which is usually carried out on an annual basis. Maintenance hedge trimming tidies the hedge and prevents overgrowth. Overgrown hedges look unsightly, can obstruct pathways and may also be harmful as it they can prevent the hedge from receiving enough light and moisture.

Mulberry Tree Services cutting a hedge in Winchester

We've been doing this for over 30 years, and have a loyal customer base who trust our high standards.


We are City & Guilds NPTC qualified, and a 5 star rated member of


We treat the site with utmost care, ensuring we leave it neat and tidy with all cuttings taken away.


We carry the latest tree surgery equipment, letting us handle the job quickly and safely.


We pride ourselves on offering an excellent service with great value for money.


We love what we do and build great relationships with our customers, who usually come back to us again.