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Safe and affordable tree felling in Winchester and Hampshire

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Professional Tree Removal in Winchester

Mulberry Tree Services specialise in all aspects of tree surgery in the Winchester and Hampshire areas. If you have a tree that you need cutting down, no matter the size or shape, our service is available.

Why cut down a tree?

Tree felling is usually needed when a tree poses a danger to nearby property or people. Decaying or diseased trees can lose their strength and become hazardous, particularly in strong winds. Felling is sometimes needed so that they tree can be brought down in a controlled way. If disease is present, the tree should be removed before it spreads.

Trees can be removed for aesthetic purposes, where they block views, scenery or sometimes access to sunlight. Some species of tree may also grow to the point that they pose a threat to a building's foundations, causing subsidence.

Why hire a professional tree surgeon?

Tree surgery is hazardous, and poses a risk to both property and people if conducted incorrectly. Mulberry Tree Services are experienced in tree felling and can decide on the safest and most efficient method of tree removal.

Tree Removal Step-by-Step:

1 - Safety First!

The safety of all members of the public and our tree surgeons is paramount and we take all the precautions necessary to get the job done. We will also be conscious of any buildings, we wouldn’t want you to end up with a tree in your living room!

2 - Tree Felling

The complete removal of the whole tree from ground level using a chainsaw and felling cuts. If space allows the whole tree will be dropped at once. 

3 - Sectional Felling

Sectional dismantling is the complete removal of the whole tree carried out from within the crown of the tree.  A rope system is used to remove the tree piece by piece. This technique is generally used when room is too tight for felling.


4 - Stump Grinding / Removal

Stump grinding is a service we offer in itself but it is also part of the process if you want a tree completely removed.  We use the latest stump grinding machines which grind the stumps well below ground level so you can re-use garden areas for planting – even in the exact spot where the stump was.


5 - Waste Removal

If you do not want to keep the wood for your own use as firewood we can also organise the complete removal of any of the trees fell/dismantled. We do understand the whole process can get a bit messy and we will do our best to leave everything exactly as it was when we found it.




We've been doing this for over 30 years, and have a loyal customer base who trust our high standards.


We are City & Guilds NPTC qualified, and a 5 star rated member of


We treat the site with utmost care, ensuring we leave it neat and tidy with all cuttings taken away.


We carry the latest tree surgery equipment, letting us handle the job quickly and safely.


We pride ourselves on offering an excellent service with great value for money.


We love what we do and build great relationships with our customers, who usually come back to us again.

Yes! Often the best time to remove a tree is between Autumn and Spring, this is when a tree will have fewer leaves and it will be easier to access branches.

However if a tree is a danger to people or property, it should be removed regardless of the time of year.

If you want the tree completely removed, we can also grind and remove the stump. We use the latest machinery which will completely remove it, freeing up the space for other uses.

It is unlikely that you would require permission to remove a tree on your property. Some trees are protect by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO), in which case it is a criminal offence to remove it without permission from your local authority.

TPO’s for trees on private property are rare.

Cutting down and removing a tree is a risk, involving heights and potentially dangerous machinery. Mulberry Tree Services are qualified, experienced tree surgeons and carry the appropriate public liability insurance.

You are welcome to keep it for use as firewood. However, we can also remove it for you in an enironmentally responsible way.

Generally, we can figure out a plan to remove your tree regardless of size and space. Where access is tight, we can utilise sectional felling which involves dismantling the tree piece-by-piece from the crown, using a rope system.

If access to the property is difficult, please let us know when you book your consultation so that we can plan for this.

Yes, our friendly and experienced consultant is able to perform an assessment of your tree and advise on the best course of action.

Contact us to arrange.

Mulberry Tree Services pruning a tree in Winchester