Stump Grinding

Experts in Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the removal of tree stumps or trailing/exposed roots. Whether the stump is narrow and in a restricted area or large and in an open area, our stump grinding team has the technical skills and equipment to tackle the problem. Past experience of the team has included the prevention of roots from interfering with underground gas and water pipes and electric cabling, and the grinding of roots that were too close to walls or fences. Here at Mulberry Tree Services we have 25 years experience in the safe removal of tree stumps in gardens or commercial property. We scan for underground cables before working and are fully insured. We use the latest machinery to grind out the stump safely and efficiently without causing damage to lawns.

When trees have been felled or have naturally fallen there is the option to have the stumps removed in order to prevent suckering or to clear the area for future projects. Mulberry Tree Services’ tree surgeons have the correct equipment, knowledge and expertise to carry out the task of stump grinding safely and effectively. Depending on your requirements, stumps can be left in the ground or we can grind them out completely.

Leaving stumps can be a breeding ground for fungus such as Armillaria (honey fungus) that attack and kill the roots of many woody and perennial plants and trees. Once we have removed the stumps the area can be replanted or reseeded. Stumps can be an eyesore in a garden and an obstruction when mowing the lawn. Once they are ground out by us, all that Is left is mulch that can be turned into compost or removed by us.


We can often quote over the phone, we will need to know:-

• Quantity of stumps

• Width of stump at ground level [widest part]

• Height of stump

• Access: are there any steps or gates narrower than 26 inches.


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