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Stump Grinding

Tree stump and roots removal in Winchester and Hampshire

Mulberry Tree Services' stump grinding machine in Winchester

What is Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding is the removal of tree stumps or trailing/exposed roots. Whether the stump is narrow and in a restricted area or large and in an open area, our stump grinding team has the technical skills and equipment to tackle the problem.

We have a range of machines that will grind away any size and quantity of stumps in almost any location. They work with a powered cutting wheel that chips them up within the ground, causing minimal ground disturbance and can be done within close proximity to fences walls and drains etc. We can access a site through a gap of about 70cm.

The remaining chips can be spread as a mulch or removed. If required please specify the amount of stumps, diameter at ground level, height above ground level and information on access to the site.

Why remove tree stumps?

Tree stumps and especially roots can cause a number of problems. Interfering with underground pipes or electrical cabling, and sometimes causing damage to building foundations which can lead to subsidence.

For your garden, exposed stumps attract fungus which can attack and damage the roots of other plants and trees. The exposed stump also presents an obstacle to lawn mowing.


We've been doing this for over 30 years, and have a loyal customer base who trust our high standards.


We are City & Guilds NPTC qualified, and a 5 star rated member of


We treat the site with utmost care, ensuring we leave it neat and tidy with all cuttings taken away.


We carry the latest tree surgery equipment, letting us handle the job quickly and safely.


We pride ourselves on offering an excellent service with great value for money.


We love what we do and build great relationships with our customers, who usually come back to us again.

No, you are free to leave them in place after a tree has fallen or been removed. However, it is not recommended because they can cause damage to underground pipes and to buildings.

They also attract fungus and disease, which can spread to other plants.

You can, but it is an arduous process without the right equipment and machinery. There is also a danger of incomplete removal which will leave rotting wood. This in turn attracts insects and disease.

Stump killer should be used on freshly cut wood, so may not be suitable for an old stump. It also takes a number of weeks to be effective, and can’t be done in spring or summer which makes them an inconvenient solution.

Stump grinding leaves the stump as wooden mulch. You can use this as a fertiliser in your garden, or we are able to remove it if preferred.

Yes, you just need to contact us to arrange it.

We will need to know: 

  • Quantity of stumps
  • Width of stump at ground level [widest part]
  • Height of stump
  • Access: are there any steps or gates narrower than 26 inches.
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