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Comprehensive tree care services in Winchester and Hampshire


Mulberry Tree Services offer a range of tree care services. Our knowledge and expertise helps you to maintain a strong, healthy tree which is aesthetically pleasing both now and in the long-term.


Pruning is essential maintenance for your tree. Our expert tree pruning means that we know the right cuts to keep the tree healthy.


If the tree crown is out of shape, we can normally reshape it using our latest tree surgery pruning techniques.


When most of the tree canopy is cut back to heavy wood and then re-grows. Ask our tree surgeon for advice on suitable trees.


Removal of lower limbs. Useful to meet planning regulations and legal heights above roads and pavements.


Trees need to be pruned specifically for fruit productions. In some cases, poor fruit bearing trees can be shaped for aesthetics.


Our experienced consultant can survey trees for disease, offer diagnosis and suggest methods of control.

Mulberry Tree Services pruning a tree in Winchester

Why is Tree Care Important?

Trees play an important part in the quality of our lives and they deserve to have any work carried out by an expert who is professionally trained. This lets you get the best quality of work, completed as safely as possible and with the minimum of disturbance.

Trees are also susceptible to disease and decay and can become dangerous, can cause obstructions and damage to buildings and underground services etc.

Contact us for free advice and quotations on any of your tree related issues.

Why Choose a Profesional Aborist?

A professional tree surgeon can help you to choose the best care for your tree. Utilising our 35 years of experience, Mulberry Tree Services know different tree species and how to best look after them.

We also carry the latest tree surgery equipment and have the appropriate training to use it safely and efficiently, leaving the site neat and tidy after the procedures are complete.


We've been doing this for over 30 years, and have a loyal customer base who trust our high standards.


We are City & Guilds NPTC qualified, and a 5 star rated member of


We treat the site with utmost care, ensuring we leave it neat and tidy with all cuttings taken away.


We carry the latest tree surgery equipment, letting us handle the job quickly and safely.


We pride ourselves on offering an excellent service with great value for money.


We love what we do and build great relationships with our customers, who usually come back to us again.

Yes! Often the best time to prune a tree is between Autumn and Spring, this is when the tree is out of bloom. However tree species are all different so it’s best to consult a professional.

Fruit trees vary. Some, such as cherry trees are best maintained during the summer. However, apple trees should be pruned when out of bloom, which is autumn or winter.

Yes, pruning will encourage the growth of the tree. The level of growth depends on the type of cuts chosen.

Pruning can have a detrimental effect on a tree’s health if performed incorrectly. This is why we always recommend the use of a proessional tree surgeon.

Leaving a tree unmaintained will cause it to become overgrown. This is at best unsightly, but at worst unsafe for passing pedestrians and traffic.

Overgrown trees that present a danger to public highways can also cause legal issues for the property owner.

We know that you want your garden to look great after we leave. That’s probably why you called us in for tree care in the first place!

We take care to leave the site tidy, and will remove all cuttings in an environmentally responsible way.

Yes, our friendly and experienced consultant is able to perform an assessment of your tree and advise on the best course of action.

Contact us to arrange.

Mulberry Tree Services pruning a tree in Winchester